Hispano Aviacion HA200 

The HA200 Saeta (Arrow), Spain's first turbojet powered aircraft, was an advanced jet trainer designed by Willy Messerschmitt for the Spanish Airforce in the mid 1950s.

Our Saetas


606HA was WHAM's first jet warbird, and she worked out to be a grand introduction into all aspects of jet ownership, maintenance and operations.  Based on our success with 606HA, we hatched our plan to help rescue dormant jet warbirds and build a Museum at Detroit City Airport.


We currently own N606HA, seen here, and N634HA, a non flyer that we expect to make flight ready next year.


The Saeta is an advanced trainer, and an extraordinary aerobatic performer.   Our Saeta is available for flight for Museum Members who have successfully mastered the L29.

War History


In 1970, the HA-200 replaced the aging CASA 2.111 in Escuadrón 462 on the Canary Islands. From there they flew on detachments to Spanish Sahara. Late in 1974, during the Polisario uprisings, the planes flew their first combat missions. Polisario Front guerillas ambushed a police patrol from higher ground and caves, and held them pinned from their protected positions. Several T-6Ds with machine guns and a couple of UH-1 helicopters strafed the Polisario positions but with little effect. Very soon the first two Saetas arrived with 2.75" FFARs. Diving at a 45 degree angle toward the cave entrances, the stability of the HA-200 design proved itself without a doubt, as the rockets were observed flying straight into the caves. Following the initial rocket attacks, ground troops attempted to take the caves, but were pushed back.
The next morning, the Saetas arrived once more, in the company of more T-6s and UH-1 troop carriers. The attack pattern from the previous day proved itself once more, with a Forward Air Controller ordering fire where it would be most useful. Rockets entered the caves through the 5-10 foot entrances, with very few missing their target. It seems one of the rockets set off some mortar rounds, as there were several very large explosions. Soon, ground troops once again attempted to take the caves, but this time there was hardly any resistance. Most of the guerillas had been killed by the rockets from the Saetas.

Specifications (HA-200A)


General characteristics

  • Crew: Two

  • Length: 29 ft 3½ in

  • Wingspan: 36 ft 2 in

  • Height: 10 ft 8 in

  • Wing Area: 187.2 ft2

  • Empty Weight: 4,378 lb

  • Gross Weight: 7,590 lb

  • Powerplant: 2 × Turbomeca Marbore II turbojet, 880 lbf thrust each


  • Maximum speed: 500 mph

  • Cruising speed: 373 mph

  • Range: 870 miles

  • Service Ceiling: 42,650 ft

  • Rate of Climb: 3,345 ft/min

  • Thrust to Weight:  .23


  • Underwing Hardpoints

  • Provision for 50mm guns in the nose

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