Airplane and Engine Donations

Do you have a Classic Jet, or an airplane that you would like to donate to our cause?  We are seeking examples of the following classic jets to add to our collection


  • Fouga CM170

  • Hispano HA200 Saeta

  • Temco Pinto

  • MiG 15

  • MiG 17

  • MiG 21

  • F5B Freedom FIghter

  • De Havilland Vampire

  • De Havilland Venom

  • Aero L29

  • Aero L39

  • Lockheed T33 / Canadair CT-133

  • S211

  • Aeromacchi 326

  • Aeromacchi 339



We are also seeking donations of the following aircraft and or their engines.  These aircraft will no longer be eligible to fly in the US (unless equipped with expensive hushkits), starting January 1 2016.  



 Falcon 20

Saberliner 80

Lear 23

Lear 24

Lear 25


GE CF700

GE CF700

GE CJ610

GE CJ610

GE CJ610

You may be entitled to a substantial IRS credit for your donation.  Please email Marty Tibbitts at for more information.

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